The Phobias

First suggested as occupational therapy for a group of disparate  psychobilly, garage and punk musicians,  The Phobias grew into a fully developed band in early 2017.

Due to various restraining orders and legal considerations, outings were few, but significant. The band played Northampton's  Bedlam Breakout festival in  Spring 2017 to great acclaim. There followed a scattering of gigs at tattoo conventions and  Psychobilly clubs .

In late 2017 the band members were released,  under supervision, to record their debut album. On hearing it, one local music pundit offered the opinion: “It’s like The Doors meets The Damned at The Munsters!” 

The Phobias are first and foremost a trash band.  They combine elements of surf,  psychobilly,  garage and punk into  an unwholesome slice of lo-fi rock n roll. Their electric jolt of a sound is matched by an explosive live show. These boys don't get out much, so they make the most of it when they do.

The Phobias are currently cementing a new line up and getting together songs for  a new album, working title - Surfaholic!

The Phobias are 
Mick Lammond  -  vocals 
Paul Wright – bass 
Lee Andrews – drums 
Dave Deville – guitar 
Rob Poyton - organ