Innsmouth Gold

Innsmouth Gold specialise in soundscapes based on the work of HP Lovecraft and similar weird fiction authors.
To date they have released three albums.

Here’s a review from Will Hart
"I recently received both of these CD's, and I can tell you from personal experience that the Ritual and Dream CD is a great soundscape companion to ten of Lovecraft's tales; while the Illustrations of Madness goes beyond just Lovecraft to also cover tales by Robert W. Chambers, Edgar Allan Poe, and even August W. Derleth too. Start with the Ritual and Dream CD, and I'm pretty sure you'll be buying the second CD too! Awesome moody audio pieces for use while reading Lovecraft and others, or listening to afterward. These pieces will also make you want to re-read or listen to Lovecraft's tales all over again! Thank You for making these discs!" 

You can visit the Innsmouth Gold site here